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With 11 days until I leave for my travels I have capitulated and started a blog. This is the inevitable, slightly cringey, 'welcome to my blog, let me tell you about myself' post. For those of you who have somehow avoided me droning on about my plans in the last few months, it is also a handy summary of the what and where and why.

Last November I made the decision to defer applying for specialty training. Whilst ostensibly allowing me to complete my paediatrics rotation before committing eight of my best years to it, it was in reality a thinly disguised ploy to avoid updating my ePortfolio and sod off around the world before I hit 30.

With F2 done I now have 5 months until I need to be back in the country for (I'd better not be jinxing this by typing it out loud) interviews. I am starting in St Petersburg on August 18th and taking the Trans-Siberian/Mongolian railway via Moscow and UlaanBataar to Beijing. This is followed by a three week tour of China before flying to Hanoi on September 26th. I have 9 weeks to get to Singapore, from where I am flying to Auckland (November 25th). A month later I am meeting my parents in Christchurch to fly to Melbourne where we will be spending Christmas with my uncle. Then it's a quick roadtrip to Sydney before arriving back at Heathrow on Sunday 5th January 2014.

I can't guarantee I'm going to be updating this religiously but seeing as I'm going it alone I need somewhere wang on about it all. I'll probably still update Facebook (although not sure if I'm capable of anything other than sarcasm there) and for the more tech-savvy I have Twitter and Instagram to bore you with (@arianemeena on both). I will also have whatsapp and iMessage if you want to get hold of me directly. Basically, it'll be like I never left the country.

So read this, or don't, but any comments, messages, or updates will be gratefully received. In return, I make a solemn promise never to post a selfie.

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1) the wankier the better
2) I love the multiplatform multimedia approach
3) your life will trump most peoples over the next 5 months
4) if people don't like it they don't have to read it
5) this deserves a 1000 likes

by Josh Storrar

I am so excited about this blog! I will make it my homepage! So you better be really consistent with updating...Also you may have to translate for me...what is F2. sounds serious

by Kumu

Jeez Kumu, talk about pressure...

F2 means the second year of the foundation programme, which is the first two years after med school here. We rotate round various specialties before choosing which one to apply for, or not as the case may be...

by arianemeena

I've read this every day since you wrote it. It gets funnier and funnier.

by Stuart

I love it... Please keep it up.
And I want selfies - loads of them!

by Stuart

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